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What makes a good leader?

Thoughts of Khaled Khattab (Business Development Manager at AIMS International Egypt) over a solitary cup of coffee in Cairo

2021. szeptember 23. - Simonyi_és_Tóth_AIMS

“You come home, make some coffee, sit down in your armchair and all around there’s silence. Everyone decides for themselves whether that is loneliness or freedom…Timur Ganiev” Most of us spend a great deal of time of our day at work. Even nowadays, with remote working becoming popular, people still…


10 Board Trends for the future

Insights of Titti Hammarling, Head of AIMS International Board Services Practice

  The exceptional pandemic period, which is still ongoing with all its consequences, means that most boards need to adapt quickly to new ways of operating, both in terms of delivery and ways of interacting. This post aims to outline the prevailing 2021 shifts for boards in their…


Diversity: Executive Boards need to step up or risk getting voted out

New article from AIMS International

Written by Leonie Pentz, VP Sustainability & Managing Partner AIMS International South Africa Recently, during an enlightening conversation discussing sustainable business practices with an AIMS Belgium client, Mr Rohit Sathe, he commented that he only employs leaders who are open…

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